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Subaru “WRX STI” vs “Stick Bomb” Commerical

One race…Two toys (sort of)… one remote control car another sticks that has a chain reaction like dominoes…who wins?

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Dreamworks effects designer brings son’s imagination to life

Effects designer Daniel Hashimoto helps bring his son’s vivid imagination to life in a short video clip.


“FAMILY IS EVERYTHING” Original Artwork by Andry “Shango” Rojoelina

Parents are the real heroes!


Batman Arkham Origins DLC: Cold, Cold, Heart

The trailer for the latest DLC pack for Batman Arkham Origins


Bounty Hunter: Speed Racer mixed with Boba Fett

Another dope T-shirt at TeeFury.com by Beast Pop


Iron Man suit made completely out of Cardboard

Student makes an Iron Man suit completely out of cardboard


Judging the Trailer: Batman Assault on Gotham

Trailer to the third DC Universe Original Animated Movie of 2014.


$20 Bill made to look Like Edward Scissorhands

Art by Boden Him, doodles on $20 Bill and ends up making it look like Edward Scissorhands.


The Iron Man Mash Ups

How cool would it be for other characters in geek culture to have the Iron Man “mark” suit?


Hot Toys “AmazingSpider-Man 2″

Im displaying mine with the bubble goose BackPack and Skully….

WinterPeanuts 1

Winter Peanuts T-Shirt by Adam Pinto

Shirt seen over at TeeFury.com of Game of Thrones/ Peanuts mash up by Adam Pinto.

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The Mind of a Gamer… Titanfall Multiplayer

Believe it or not its cool to watch someone play a video game, especially when they play it well. But it’s even better to hear what’s going on in the player’s mind as they play. So what’s going on in this player’s head as they play Titanfall for the Xbox One.


Buildings Made into Tetris Video Game

Making Two Skyscrappers and turning them into video game screens to play Tetris… dope.

Super Golden Friends

Super Golden Friends

What happens when you take the Golden Girls intro and replace them with old Super heroes from the Superfriends… you get something hilarious…

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