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Interview with Anthony Misiano AKA Harley’s Joker!

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Published on February 20, 2013 with No Comments

If you’ve ever been to Comicon, chances are you have bore witness to the greatness that is Anthony Misiano, AKA Harley’s Joker.  This Clown Prince of Crime seems to be everywhere!  From Reddit to Tumblr, I feel I can’t look up anything to do with cosplay or Comicon without seeing the face of this Harlequin of Havoc.

With his appearance in the upcoming Batman Chronicles, this southern California-based actor, filmmaker, and self proclaimed creative goofball decided to take some time out of his busy schedule to let Geekmode delve into the world that is Harley’s Joker.

Geek Mode:  How did you get into cosplaying?
Anthony Misiano:  I accidentally wore a Joker costume I made to a convention once for kicks, then people starting throwing that word “cosplay,” in one variation or another, at me. Now it has become some sort of reputation.

GM: Why did you choose the Joker?
AM:  I’ve always been a big fan of the entire Batman universe, and unfortunately I could never physically pull off Batman himself. The Joker, on the other hand, was always my favorite villain, and luckily I’m a lean man with a pointy, stretchy face.

GMFrom which incarnation of the Joker do you pull the most inspiration?
AM:  There have been so many depictions of the character over the years, it permits one a lot of freedom when choosing how to portray him. I tried to pull from sources that suit me physically. I couldn’t pull off a successful Ledger or Nicholson Joker, nor could I do a realistic Jim Lee or Dave McKean Joker. But artists like Marshall Rogers and Brian Bolland both depicted the character in ways that physically, and facially, resemble me. Heck, now when I look at Alex Ross paintings I basically see myself in 15 years, haha.

GMDo you feel becoming such a notable cosplayer has had an impact on your acting career? If so, how?
AM:  Not in any way, at all, whatsoever. Ah well.

GMWhat is your most memorable convention experience?
AM:  Meeting Julie Newmar at Stan Lee’s Comikaze in Los Angeles this past September. She was an absolute joy and we just adored each other. It was wonderful.

GMWhat is The Batman Chronicles?
AM:  “The Batman Chronicles” is a short, fan made three-part episodic web series following a young Bruce Wayne and his struggle to rid Gotham City of crime, including his first run in with his most infamous nemesis.

GMHow did your involvement in it come to be?
AM:  Daniel Petruccio, who will be both playing the title character and producing the project, got in touch with me and we began a dialog. It turned out we shared a lot of similar passions, ideals, and ideas when it came to how a Batman film should be done, and how the characters and the world they live in be depicted. Soon thereafter I was on board as an actor and co-producer, contributing in every way I can.

Watch the Batman Chronicles Teaser Trailer ft. Anthony Misiano

GMWould you do a solely Joker chronicle, perhaps something of an origin story?
AM:  I don’t have any plans as of now, and I’m not sure if I would ever want to do another fan film playing this character. It would be odd. Maybe if we continued the series and did more episodes, but then again at that point I’d want us to move on to different villains, so who knows? I think the only way I’d ever play the character again would be if somehow Warner Brothers and DC actually WANTED me to do so.

GMWhat do you have in store for us in the future?
AM:  Still developing a few more things with my Joker costume for the sake of conventions. My girlfriend and I are also working on a Harley Quinn costume. Otherwise right now all of my creative attention is going toward the web series.

GMFinally, and most importantly, what do you Geek for, and why?
AM:  Most of all? Movies. Why? I can’t imagine a better culmination of so many different art forms all working together to give us a cohesive experience.

Harley’s Joker Official Facebook Page

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